Autor: José Ramón Alonso

Lugar de publicación: Pamplona: Laetoli, 2014

ISBN: 9788492422739

Clasificación: RC351 A555

"Este libro surgió —afirma el autor— tras escribir un artículo en mi blog UniDiversidad( sobre Sheldon Cooper, el protagonista de la serie The Big Bang Theory, donde explicaba las concordancias de su comportamiento con la sintomatología del síndrome de Asperger. Asociaciones de familiares de personas con trastornos del espectro autista, muchachos con este síndrome, profesionales y personas interesadas copiaron y difundieron ese artículo comentando lo importante que era para ellos poder explicar sus características a otras personas, hacerlo en un entorno positivo y de normalidad y tener un referente conocido, lo que nada logra mejor que la televisión. Calculo que cerca de un millón de personas en todo el mundo leyeron ese artículo sobre la relación entre una serie de televisión y unos trastornos que afectan en la actualidad a uno de cada 88 niños. De ese interés, y del intento de combinar rigor científico y amenidad, investigación y vida cotidiana, nació este libro que, paciente lector, tienes ahora en las manos".

Autor: Noam Chomsky

Lugar de publicación: Pamplona : Laetoli, 2013

ISBN: 9788492422654

Clasificación: E840 C5618

El principal objetivo de esta recopilación escribe su editor, Carlos P. Otero: es proporcionar un acceso relativamente fácil a la filosofía libertaria y el análisis político libertario de Chomsky. En consecuencia, esta recopilación podría considerarse una especie de antología de algunos de los principales temas de Chomsky, presentados a modo de boceto resumido. Lo que me llevó a dedicarme a este proyecto fue una constante convicción personal: la convicción de que uno de los grandes defectos de la izquierda libertaria es la transmisión defectuosa de la cultura libertaria, un rico acervo que, en gran medida, todavía tenemos que aprovechar. En particular, la obra de Chomsky, (posiblemente) el punto culminante de la tradición socialista libertaria, no parece haber recibido la atención que merece.

Autor:Jonathan M. Metzl

Lugar de publicación: Boston : Beacon Press, [2009]

ISBN: 9780807001271

Clasificación: RC451.5N4 M47

The civil rights era is largely remembered as a time of sit-ins, boycotts, and riots. But a very different civil rights history evolved at the Ionia State Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Ionia, Michigan. In The Protest Psychosis, psychiatrist and cultural critic Jonathan Metzl tells the shocking story of how schizophrenia became the diagnostic term overwhelmingly applied to African American protesters at Ionia—for political reasons as well as clinical ones. Expertly sifting through a vast array of cultural documents, Metzl shows how associations between schizophrenia and blackness emerged during the tumultuous decades of the 1960s and 1970s—and he provides a cautionary tale of how anxieties about race continue to impact doctor-patient interactions in our seemingly postracial America.

Editores: Francis G. Castles, Stephan Leibfried, Jane Lewis (y otros)

Lugar de publicación: Great Britain : Oxford University Press 2012

ISBN: 9780199650514

Clasificación: JC479 O94

The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State is the authoritative and definitive guide to the contemporary welfare state. In nearly fifty newly-written articles, scholars offer an account of everything one needs to know about the modern welfare state. The text is divided into eight sections. It opens with three articles that evaluate the philosophical case for (and against) the welfare state. Surveys of the welfare state's history and of the approaches taken to its study are followed by four extended sections, which offer an in-depth survey of current state of knowledge across the whole range of issues that the welfare state embraces. The first of these sections looks at inputs and actors (including the roles of parties, unions, and employers), the impact of gender and religion, patterns of migration and a changing public opinion, the role of international organisations and the impact of globalisation. The next two sections cover policy inputs (in areas such as pensions, health care, disability, care of the elderly, unemployment, and labour market activation) and their outcomes (in terms of inequality and poverty, macroeconomic performance, and retrenchment). The seventh section surveys welfare state experience around the globe (and not just within the OECD). Two final articles consider questions about the global future of the welfare state.


Autores: Brian and Deborah Charlesworth

Lugar de publicación: Oxford ; México City : Oxford University Press, 2003

ISBN: 0192802518

Clasificación: QH367 C397

This book illuminates the crucial role of evolutionary biology in transforming our view of human origins and our relation to the universe, highlighting the impact of this theory on traditional philosophy and religion. The authors introduce the general reader to some of the most important basic findings, concepts, and procedures of evolutionary biology, as it has developed since the first publications of Darwin and Wallace on the subject, over 140 years ago. They show how evolution provides a unifying set of principles for the whole of biology and sheds light on the relation of human beings to the universe and each other.

Autor: Eberhard O. Voit

Lugar de publicación: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016

ISBN: 9781107149953

Clasificación: QH324.2 V654

Living systems are dynamic and extremely complex and their behaviour is often hard to predict by studying their individual parts. Systems biology promises to reveal and analyse these highly connected, regulated and adaptable systems, using mathematical modelling and computational analysis. This new systems approach is already having a broad impact on biological research and has potentially far-reaching implications for our understanding of life. Written in an informal and non-technical style, this book provides an accessible introduction to systems biology. Self-contained vignettes each convey a key theme and are intended to enlighten, provoke and interest readers of different academic disciplines, but also to offer new insight to those working in the field. Using a minimum amount of jargon and no mathematics, Voit manages to convey complex ideas and give the reader a genuine sense of the excitement that systems biology brings with it, as well as the current challenges and opportunities.

Autor: Donald Worster

Lugar de publicación: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c1994

ISBN: 0521468345

Clasificación: QH541 W67 1994

Nature's Economy is a wide-ranging investigation of ecology's past. It traces the origins of the concept, discusses the thinkers who have shaped it, and shows how it in turn has shaped the modern perception of our place in nature. The book includes portraits of Linnaeus, Gilbert White, Darwin, Thoreau, and such key twentieth-century ecologists as Rachel Carson, Frederic Clements, Aldo Leopold, James Lovelock, and Eugene Odum. It concludes with a new Part VI, which looks at the directions ecology has taken most recently.

Autor:Philip Mirowski

Lugar de publicación: Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2011

ISBN: 9780674046467

Clasificación: Q127.U6 M57

During the Cold War, the U.S. government amply funded basic research in science and medicine. Starting in the 1980s, however, this support began to decline and for-profit corporations became the largest funders of research. Philip Mirowski argues that a powerful neoliberal ideology promoted a radically different view of knowledge and discovery: the fruits of scientific investigation are not a public good that should be freely available to all, but are commodities that could be monetized.

Consequently, patent and intellectual property laws were greatly strengthened, universities demanded patents on the discoveries of their faculty, information sharing among researchers was impeded, and the line between universities and corporations began to blur. At the same time, corporations shed their in-house research laboratories, contracting with independent firms both in the States and abroad to supply new products. Among such firms were AT&T and IBM, whose outstanding research laboratories during much of the twentieth century produced Nobel Prize-winning work in chemistry and physics, ranging from the transistor to superconductivity.

Science-Mart offers a provocative, learned, and timely critique, of interest to anyone concerned that American science--once the envy of the world--must be more than just another way to make money.

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