Coordinadores: Diego Golombek, Juan Nepote

Lugar de publicación: Guadalajara, Jalisco : Universidad de Guadalajara, Editorial Universitaria : 2016


Clasificación: Q175.5 I55

Si hay algo que nos une no es el amor, ni el espanto... sino el contagio. Todos nosotros hemos sido inoculados en algún momento de nuestras vidas y desde entonces no hemos dejado de comunicar la ciencia en bares, museos, teatros, libros, diarios, paradas de autobús y fiestas de disfraces. No sólo eso: como buen contagio, nos hemos convertido en vectores de esta infección maravillosa que, seamos poco humildes, está dando incontables frutos en América Latina. 

Por eso decidimos compartir algunas de nuestras historias ponzoñosas: anécdotas, fracasos estrepitosos y éxitos insuperables. En estas páginas circulan experiencias de contagios científicos en museos, en aulas, en diversos textos y medios, en las artes y en los gobiernos, que sin duda nos inspirarán para seguir trasmitiendo -y contagiando- la ciencia en todas sus dimensiones. 


Los textos están firmados por gente de la talla de Jorge Wagensberg, Vladimir de Semir, José Gordon, Julia Tagüeña, Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón, Luisa Massarani y otros personajes que padecen la incurable comezón de la ciencia.


Autor: varias autoras

Lugar de publicación: Barcelona : Editorial Egales, [2016]


Clasificación: PQ6173.5L47 D65

En 1928, Marguerite Raddclyffe Hall  le dijo a su editor que el próximo libro, El pozo de la soledad, necesitaría un completo compromiso por su parte, y que ella no permitiría el cambio de una sola palabra: «Puse mi pluma al servicio de las personas más perseguidas e incomprendidas en el mundo... Por lo que sé, nunca antes se había intentado nada así en la ficción».

 En los últimos veinte años la narrativa escrita por mujeres que aman a mujeres ha explorado la evidencia del compromiso, el amor, el deseo y la sexualidad lésbica. Este volumen recoge los relatos de las escritoras más comprometidas de la literatura LGTBQ española y latinoamericana.

 Magníficas autoras que, con su pluma, han dado voz y visibilidad a la imaginación lesbiana en sus obras publicadas por la Editorial Egales.

Autor: Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Lugar de publicación: Stanford, Califo0rnia : Stanford University Press, 2006


Clasificación: E18.82 C35


This book argues that the striking resemblances in Spanish and Puritan discourses of colonization as "exorcism" and as spiritual gardening point to a common Atlantic history. These resemblances suggest that we are better off if we simply consider the Puritan colonization of New England as a continuation of Iberian models rather than a radically different colonizing experience. The book demonstrates that a wider Pan-American perspective can upset the most cherished national narratives of the United States, for it maintains that the Puritan colonization of New England was as much a chivalric, crusading act of Reconquista (against the Devil) as was the Spanish conquest.

Autor: Kojin Karatani 

Lugar de publicación: Durham : Duke University Press, 2017


Clasificación: B115. J3 K3713

In Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy—published originally in Japanese and now available in four languages—Kojin Karatani questions the idealization of ancient Athens as the source of philosophy and democracy by placing the origins instead in Ionia, a set of Greek colonies located in present-day Turkey. Contrasting Athenian democracy with Ionian isonomia—a system based on non-rule and a lack of social divisions whereby equality is realized through the freedom to immigrate—Karatani shows how early Greek thinkers from Heraclitus to Pythagoras were inseparably linked to the isonomia of their Ionian origins, not democracy. He finds in isonomia a model for how an egalitarian society not driven by class antagonism might be put into practice, and resituates Socrates's work and that of his intellectual heirs as the last philosophical attempts to practice isonomia's utopic potentials. Karatani subtly interrogates the democratic commitments of Western philosophy from within and argues that the key to transcending their contradictions lies not in Athenian democracy, with its echoes of imperialism, slavery, and exclusion, but in the openness of isonomia.

Autor: Jason Potts

Lugar de publicación: Aldershot, England : Edward Elgar Publishing, c2000


Clasificación: HB172 P67

This highly innovative and original book proposes evolutionary microeconomics as a synthesis of the collective schools of heterodox economic thought with complex systems theory and graph theory. The book charts a research programme for evolutionary economics that encompasses the theory of dynamic efficiency and emergence in markets, a computational model of the learning and interacting agent, a competence based theory of the firm and the household, and, via a theory of expectations and plans, an agent-based foundation to macroeconomics. Principally a work of meta-theory, The New Evolutionary Microeconomics argues for a radical refocus of microeconomic research toward the evolutionary nature of institutions, preferences, technology and knowledge. This challenging new book should prove timely and important for evolutionary and computational economists as well as those in the fields of managerial economics, business studies and marketing.

Autor: Federico M. Rossi

Lugar de publicación: Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017


Clasificación: HN263.5 R67

The wave of anti-austerity protest that spread globally in response to exclusionary neoliberal policies in the 2010s had, in Latin American social movements, a major source of inspiration which calls for more scientific reflection. Theoretically original and empirically rich, this volume provides a most valuable contribution in this direction, bridging social movement studies and historical institutionalism, through a critical conceptualization of contentious politics as a relational phenomenon.'

Donatella della Porta - Dean of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences and Director of the Centre on Social Movement Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore

'Federico M. Rossi’s study of the unemployed workers’ movement in Argentina sheds new light on the patterns of social mobilization that lie behind the political reincorporation of popular sectors following neoliberal reform in Latin America. Rossi explains how historical patterns of class-based corporatist representation have given way to new kinds of social actors, more territorial forms of collective action, and new repertoires of contentious politics. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how Argentina’s piqueteros and other grass-roots actors have reshaped state - society relations and constructed new forms of social citizenship that challenge market orthodoxy.'

'The Poor's Struggle for Political Incorporation provides a refreshing new framework on how popular movements struggle within historical pendulums swaying between social exclusion and institutional access. Focusing on arguably one of the most potent social movements in contemporary Latin America, the unemployed workers’ movement, Rossi passionately demonstrates how economically marginalized groups negotiate the treacherous path toward inclusion through assertive and strategic interactions with the state, political parties, and ossifying corporatist structures. In short, The Poor's Struggle offers a fascinating new model on how to understand the complex terrain of social movement mobilizations in the age of free market driven globalization

Editor: Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

Lugar de publicación: New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015


Clasificación: PQ7081 L368

This is the first study to examine the representation of illness, disability, and cultural pathologies in modern and contemporary Iberian and Latin American literature. Innovative and interdisciplinary, the collection situates medicine as an important and largely overlooked discourse in these literatures, while also considering the social, political, religious, symbolic, and metaphysical dimensions underpinning illness. Investigating how Hispanic and Lusophone writers have reflected on the personal and cultural effects of illness, it raises central questions about how medical discourses, cultural pathologies, and the art of healing in general are represented. Essays pay particular attention to the ways in which these interdisciplinary dialogues chart new directions in the study of Hispanic and Lusophone cultures, and emerging disciplines such as the medical humanities. Addressing a wide range of themes and subjects including bioethics, neuroscience, psychosurgery, medical technologies, Darwinian evolution, indigenous herbal medicine, the rising genre of the pathography, and the ‘illness as metaphor’ trope, the collection engages with the discourses of cultural studies, gender studies, disability studies, comparative literature, and the medical humanities. This book enriches and stimulates scholarship in these areas by showing how much we still have to gain from interdisciplinary studies working at the intersections between the humanities and the sciences.

Autor:Richard C. Keller

Lugar de publicación: Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [2007]


Clasificación: RC451.A37 K45

Nineteenth-century French writers and travelers imagined Muslim colonies in North Africa to be realms of savage violence, lurid sexuality, and primitive madness. Colonial Madness traces the genealogy and development of this idea from the beginnings of colonial expansion to the present, revealing the ways in which psychiatry has been at once a weapon in the arsenal of colonial racism, an innovative branch of medical science, and a mechanism for negotiating the meaning of difference for republican citizenship.


Drawing from extensive archival research and fieldwork in France and North Africa, Richard Keller offers much more than a history of colonial psychology. Colonial Madness explores the notion of what French thinkers saw as an inherent mental, intellectual, and behavioral rift marked by the Mediterranean, as well as the idea of the colonies as an experimental space freed from the limitations of metropolitan society and reason. These ideas have modern relevance, Keller argues, reflected in French thought about race and debates over immigration and France’s postcolonial legacy.

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